A&L’s experienced Property Management team provides numerous services to commercial building owners throughout the region. Whether you need some or all of these services, we’ll manage – expertly. Click on the headings to learn more.

We provide detailed monthly summaries of all activities, including repair and
maintenance updates, status of budgeted projects, schedule and status of tenant/capital improvements, leasing status/updates, and issues related to accounts receivable and overall property management.

We assist potential tenants with space planning, providing tours, drafting leases and much more. We complete negotiations, finalize leases and assist with any tenant improvements that may be needed. If the landlord is responsible for build-out, we can provide supervision and contractors to complete the project.

Banking, accounts payable, receivable, quarterly and annual financials. We prepare annual budgets and projections. If leases are NNN, we provide the tenants with annual budget estimates and reconciliations at year end. Our accounting system, Yardi Voyager, is specifically designed for all aspects of detailed property management. That includes Commercial Café, an online portal where tenants can view their accounts and make payments remotely.

We can handle all scheduled and emergency maintenance and repair, including but not limited to roof inspections, window cleaning, common area cleaning, HVAC, elevator, fire/ life safety, snow removal, lawn and landscape maintenance, LED retrofitting and other maintenance of lights.

We handle card access systems to secure the premises, and install and monitor security cameras throughout common areas.

We handle building life safety inspections, including annual building evacuation drills and testing horns, strobes, annunciator panels, etc.